Posted By: Nightshade (#3173)
Date/Time: Wed Nov 24 12:59:03 2010
Subject: Market Day in the Warzone

'Residents of the Warrens are settling back into their daily grind of scraping for survival after yesterday's excitement. The irregularly scheduled Orktown Market Day turned the Warzone and the Rez topsy turvy as thousands of tuskers traversed the Warzone, clearing a path through the cluttered streets during the day, then driving a small fleet of trucks and trailers full of goods back to the Orktown area.

"Haven't seen them pull one of these off since the Sons collapsed…hope this don't mean they're getting themselves organized again. One or two tuskers is fine but you get them all moving in the same direction, they're like rats, locusts or any other plague." Said one Aurora resident who chose to remain anonymous.

The area was reported to be unusually calm and orderly during the Market Day, save for a small amount of gunplay and what may or may not be an unrelated increase in ghoul activity in South Sunrise, possibly due to the displacement of the creatures by the goblin horde.'

The young woman screaming this at the top of her lungs in the Warrens giggles a bit to herself then moves on, the faulty personafix and BTLs making her think she's on the evening news reporting these events, rather than living them.

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