Posted By: Norman (#10869)
Date/Time: Mon Nov 22 11:09:38 2010
Subject: Channel 98 - 12 o'clock News

Kingsley Price, afternoon anchor for Channel 98 News, looking into the camera with his customary detached compassion. "The investigation into last Thursday's brutal murder in Commerce City has taken a bizarre, and some say disconcerting turn."

<Cut to previously-recorded footage of the Magnolia Street crimescene. Price continues to speak.>

"At ten thirty Thursday night, Michael Cavanaugh, a maintentance worker at an Aurora apartment complex, was found stabbed to death in his driveway. Authorities were led there by an anonymous caller who stated that Cavanaugh had appeared to 'fall down', and 'might be hurt'. What the first responders discovered was far worse, and local residents have been on edge ever since."

<Cut to: 'Jim Lingk - Cavanaugh's Neighbor'. A short, balding man in his fifties. "Naw, naw, I don't feel safe here anymore. It's…I mean it's y'know a quiet neighborhood y'know but…hrmph. Things get worse everyday y'know I guess. What can you do but y'know just lock your doors?"
Cut to: 'Anton Dawson - Lives on Magnolia Street'. "Well…OBVIOUSLY…we have a MURDERER in Commerce City…"
Cut to: Magnolia Street by day. Cavanaugh's driveway is still roped off, the bloodstains under the car are still visible, but only a single pair of cops stand watch. Price speaks again over the bland scene.>

"But at a press conference earlier today Knight Errant made a startling announcement that has some residents reassured, and some more alarmed than ever."

<Cut to: A tall, thin, sickly pale man speaking at a podium. He appears nervous and possibly sweaty. The Knight Errant logo is featured prominently on the wall behind him, twinkling and flaring as flashbulbs fire off in the audience. A caption at the bottom reads, 'CPT F. Leland Fields - MCU'. The audio is muted as Price narrates. "Leland Fields, chief of the Major Case Unit, spoke to reporters this morning in a surprise press conference." Fields is already in the middle of a sentence when the audio is unmuted. "…Cavanaugh was, uh, under investigation at the time of the murder for a number of alleged rapes and sexual assaults in the Denver area." The gathered reporters begin to mumble excitedly. "Recently the Special Crimes Unit was made aware of another, uh, alleged rape that occurred a number of weeks ago and the…victim in that particular case was hesitant to fully cooperate with the SCU detectives. Uh, their investigation into Cavanaugh was making progress but it was unclear at that time if uh, they would have ever been able to build a clear case against Cavanaugh. Due to the nature of the homicide, my unit was brought in per uh, Knight Errant procedure, and upon recovering some physical evidence we began to coordinate with the SCU, and that's when uh, we discovered the definitive link between Cavanaugh and the, uh, victim of the uh, sexual assault." He pauses. Several reporters shout questions. Fields leans over the podium and peers into the crowd with a frown. "No, uh, the female victim has been ruled out as a suspect in the murder. Hmm? What? Oh uh no, we do not have a specific motive as of yet." Several more shouted questions. "The investigation is ongoing but we believe at this time that uh, Cavanaugh may have been involved in some way in as many as thirty or forty rapes and sexual assaults in the past several years." He leans in again, straining to hear a specific question. He begins shaking his head emphatically. "No, the Major Case Unit is more than prepared for an investigation of this nature and we will not be, uh, seeking the assistance of any state or federal agencies. I'll…excuse me, please. I'll keep the media abrest of any new developments in the case. Thank you." Fields exits stage right, quickly wiping some sweat from his brow. Cut to: Kingsley Price in the Channel 98 studio>

"That was Leland Fields of Knight Errant in a press conference earlier this morning. Captain Fields was not available for comment but a spokesman reminded residents of Commerce City to continue to take all necessary safety precautions, and that nighttime patrols would be increased while the suspect is at large. With more on that, we go to Trina LaFrance, who spoke to a security consultant about staying safe at home and at work. Trina?"

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