Posted By: Norman (#10869)
Date/Time: Thu Nov 18 17:22:41 2010
Subject: Channel 98 Local News

The pretty female newscaster in the 10pm slot, Georgia London, speaks to the people of Denver with practiced gravity.

"The normally quiet neighborhood of Commerce City was rocked tonight by a brutal, and so far unexplained, homicide."

<The image of the studio set is replaced by video footage of a news drone flitting about a respectful distance from the crimescene in front of a small house. A half-dozen KE patrol cars sit at various angles to the house, red overhead lights whirling silently while various uniformed people do various uniformed things. Ms. London continues to speak over the footage.>

"The victim, identified as Michael Cavanaugh, was found in his driveway when Knight Errant officers, responding to an anonymous tip, arrived at his house."

<The scene changes to pre-recorded footage of KE troops standing around the driveway, the body itself hidden behind a blue compact car but the huge pool of blood clearly visible in the stobes of the cruisers' lights.>

"A Knight Errant spokesman remained tight-lipped about the incident, but says that they are pursuing several leads and encourages local residents to take extra precautions until the subject is in custody."

<DocWagon techs stand idly by the back of an ambulance. Cops mill about, bored. A handful of people in windbreakers crouch and crawl on the ground, examining and analyzing. The extremely perceptive will notice a KE mage in the background with a small group of cops in street clothes. Suddenly, they cut back to the studio. Ms. London moves on to a less squicky topic.>

"Preparations continue downtown for the convention of…"

[OOC: part of an ongoing plot. Mail/page Norman for questions and/or legwork]

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