Posted By: Bobby (#6569)
Date/Time: Fri Oct 29 21:20:36 2010
Subject: HUMAS

"We will return to 'When Dwarves Get Attacked' in a moment. Don't change that dial, one of this week's best is coming up." The voiceover blares before the screen shifts.

Standing front and center is a human male dressed in a black suit, white shirt and blue tie. At least judging from the build, it is a human, as the face is not shown to the image, it cuts off at the neck. It begins to speak in a digitized voice, generated by a computer. "Take a look at the people in your life. Your spouse, your children, brothers and sisters, parents and other relatives. Even your friends. You are pretty close, aren't you? You'ld say you trust them, wouldn't you? Well, this news may shock you."

The background image behind the man changes to scenes of news reports showing murders and thefts from various news networks, the sound muted so the digital voice is not contested. "Over sixty five percent of crimes in the world can be directly traced back to starting from someone magical. Why have they not been charged? Because of their special powers. They use them to influence people to commit acts on their behalf and they use them on the people who get too curious, like the investigating police."

"There are warning signs that a magic user may be influencing someone that you know. Have their tastes changed recently? Have they been losing sleep? Coming home later than usual? Picking up new hobbies or interests? Has their attitude changed significantly? If you notice any of these warning signs, be careful as that person has been affected by a magic user, and if you let on that you know, you could be targetted."

"To make our world safer for our children and their children, we here at Humans Against Magic User Superiority are offering ten thousand nuyen for any confirmed magic user killed. For more information, please check out our matrix site at humas.hsn.corp."

The figure fades away as the commerical ends, entering into a new advertisement. "Tomorrow at seven PM, its that smash hit, 'World's Dumbest Trogs', here on HSN, Human Superiority Network."

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