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Date/Time: Tue Oct 26 16:13:09 2010
Subject: World of the Para Episode 2

Drek Cola! The Metas #1 Cola in the Midwest! If you are gonna drink Cola, drink DREK!

The screen goes black in transition and then a small sound stage appears with three two chairs. Behind the chairs on a neutral back drop are the words, The World of the Para and You. A very plastic looking genera-host smiles widely into the screen in a close shot and begins to speak.

Good Evening Denver and welcome to World of the Para and You. I am your host Steven Jung and tonight we again have with us as my conversation partner, Dr. Vincent Schapp, a Para biologist who has moved his practice and studies here to Denver.

Jung turns to regard an emaciated looking man, presumably in his sixties sitting in the chair opposite him.

Jung: Welcome Dr. Schapp.

Schapp: Thank you Steven and again, call me Vincent.

The screen pans back to Jung and he nods towards the other side of the stage as they are joined by another well dressed gentleman. The man approaches the stage and sits on the other side of Jung from Schapp. He regards Schapp with undisguised disdain as he takes his seat and crosses his arms over his chest.

Jung: Tonight to speak to the cons of ghoul rights and their place in society is Dr. William Smith. Dr. Smith is a leading metahumanity rights activist. Good evening Dr. Smith.

Smith: Evening.

Jung: A man of few words, lovely.

The distaste on Jungs face is obvious as he sits between two beings that obviously hate each other almost as much as he hates them.

Jung: Well lets start with you Vincent. You have sent up a petition through the city council for not only a piece of the work force for the ghoul population of Denver. But you have also attached to that petition an amendment seeking equal rights for Ghouls based upon the medical knowledge that the Krieger strain of HMHVV always turns its victims into ghouls regardless of metatype.

Schapp: Thats absolutely right Steven; this medical fact is at the very heart of the pro-ghoul rights movement. In our opinion it shows that Ghouls should have all the rights and privileges afforded to other Meta races in 2023.

The camera pans to the studio audience that is three times the size of the previous evenings audience. There is a definite section that appears to have almost a three foot buffer between the rest of the audience and the eight to ten beings sitting in that section. As they clap and smile you can see the lights glint off the silver collars around their necks and the pointed teeth in their smiles.

Smith: Thats completely absurd; you really sit here and expect us to believe that Ghouls are a new form of Meta humanity due to the results of what happens when a disease is contracted? Are you trying to insinuate that the UGE in 2011 where the first babies resembling elves and dwarves were sighted was a disease?

Schapp: Not at all Dr. Smith. I state that the UGE or Unexplained Genetic Expression of 2011 has a direct correlation to the results of another unexplained fact, that being the Krieger strain of HMHVV and its results when all creatures contract it. Following that line of evolution through genetics, I believe that Ghouls should be awarded full rights as citizens and not simply be seen as parasites to be put down!

The crowd starts to applaude loudly and the camera pans across them quickly, showing that the buffer zone between the ghouls and the rest of the crowd appears to have evaporated. The crowd is all sitting together in a show of solidarity.

Smith: So, you are stating that the evolutionary chain, the very bedrock of our exhistance so to speak, is now on a track to cannibalism?

Schapps eyes narrow at this as the camera zooms in on his face. A slight flash can be seen there of homicidal intent, a flash and its gone. The camera pans to Smith to highlight his smug look of satisfaction before sliding back to Jung and then a wide shot to await the response.

Jung: Ill stop you there Dr. Schapp! And please tune in tomorrow while we let heads cool a bit here and continue our discussion. Until then, remember its a Para World out there! Good night!

Drek Cola! The Metas #1 Cola in the Midwest! If you are gonna drink Cola, drink DREK!

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