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Subject: World of the Para

Drek Cola! The Metas #1 Cola in the Midwest! If you are gonna drink Cola, drink DREK!

The screen goes black in transition and then a small sound stage appears with three two chairs. Behind the chairs on a neutral back drop are the words, The World of the Para and You. A very plastic looking genera-host smiles widely into the screen in a close shot and begins to speak.

Good Evening Denver and welcome to World of the Para and You. I am your host Steven Jung and tonight we have a bit of a treat in the season of tricks. Tonight my conversation partner is Dr. Vincent Schapp, a Para biologist who has moved his practice and studies here to Denver.

Jung turns to regard an emaciated looking man, presumably in his sixties sitting in the chair opposite him.

Jung: Welcome Dr. Schapp.

Schapp: Thank you Steven, please call me Vincent.

Jung: Alright Vincent, please ever since I have heard of your research I have been dying to get you on the show, pun not intended. Can you tell us about it?

An obvious laugh track lasts approximately 20 seconds as the camera focuses on Jungs million nuyen smile. The camera returns to Schapp who has that look the educated often give the simple. He smiles indulgently and clears his throat before beginning to speak again. A crossing of his arms over his chest combined with a cross of the legs shows his agitation.

Schapp: Well Steven, as you are aware I am a Para biologist that specializes in studies of the living dead, those known in the everyday vernacular as Ghouls. I have made it my work to study them and hopefully one day find a way to not only show they are at times sentient and evolving as humanity and metahumanity have done, but that with proper supervision they can be functioning and healthy parts of society.

The camera pans to Jung and his eyes show his amusement and hunger as he smells blood in the proverbial water.

Jung: So Vincent, you are saying that ghouls, creatures whispered of in the best parts of the city and scary legend to those in the worst are not only out there but not the monsters we thought them to be?

Schapp: Thats exactly what I am saying, and not only am I saying it, I have dedicated my lifes work to proving it. Take Emilio here

The camera pans from Jungs shocked face as he tries to back pedal through the chair to what is obviously a ghoul. Emilio the ghoul is standing off to one side of the stage, drool slightly pink in color drips from his mouth as he regards Vincent. He slowly turns and looks at the camera and smiles, pink tinged pointed teeth smile slowly as he looks at the camera with dull eyes before turning back to look at Vincent. Immediately obvious to all is the large silver colored collar around his neck. It appears to have etching that you can just barely see the ends of on the inside of the ring.

Schapp: You will notice that Emilio is quite real and not eating anyone.

Its Schapps turn to laugh, no laugh track accompanies his rather high pitched rattle of amusement at Jungs discomfort. He crooks a finger towards the ghoul and it walks over to Vincent and stands behind him.

Schapp: Emilios full name is Emilio Antonio Rodriguez and he is from right here in Denver. He contracted the state as I call it, here and still has family here, a wife and two sons. They are here with us tonight as well.

The camera pans to the studio audience, roughly ten people and sitting in the front row are an attractive young Hispanic human female and two young Hispanic males, approximately six to nine years old.

Schapp continues to speak as Jung is apparently in shock and has lost all composure at this point, his proposed mocking of a quack having bitten the dust.

Schapp: Since I met Emilio I have made it possible for him to return to his family within certain parameters. He can provide for them again, where they were on the streets of Denver, now they have modest accommodations and live better for it. Emilio and his family are just that again, a family.

The camera pans as the wife and sons of Emilio stand and rush to hug the ghoul. His blank stare softens a little and he pats one of his sons on the head. The movements are wooden but the intent is clear. Plus he isnt trying to tear the kids head off which is a plus.

Finally regaining his composure somewhat, Jung speaks

Jung: Well Doctor Schapp, this was certainly unexpected and although questions abound, I believe thats all the time we have for the evening.

The screen changes to a very shook up host, plastic smile in tact.

Jung: Tune in tomorrow and we will one of Dr. Schapps colleagues in the field to dispute his claims. Also a member of the Mayors labor task force weighs in on the pros and cons of ghoul labor.

See you tomorrow!

Drek Cola! The Metas #1 Cola in the Midwest! If you are gonna drink Cola, drink DREK!

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