Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Sun Oct 24 18:39:27 2010
Subject: Hero's Burial

Hero's Burial

— Aztlan Sector, Denver, Colorado

Councilman Hector Ramirez announced a hero's burial for the pilots of a downed AZT Corporate Security flight downed in the Platte. The burial, scheduled for Wednesday the 27th of this month, will be replete with full military honors for the pilot and his crew.

Councilman Ramirez was mum on when or how the men were retrieved as the flight was last seen impacting in the Platte, and some news programs have suggested the wreckage would have shifted downstream and fully onto the Pueblo Corporate Council side of the river. Some news stations, such as Action5!, suggest that the Aztlan governor or someone in his office was responsible for the terrorist activity that struck the PCC Sector last evening.

Still, for the four brave men of the AZT Corporate Security Flight Z-126 Wednesday will see them laid to rest honorably, and it is thought they will be posthumously promoted and their widows given the rights and priviledges of this new rank. Each man is survived by a wife, and two of the officers had children.

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