Posted By: Chaz (#4325)
Date/Time: Fri Oct 22 21:51:53 2010
Subject: Public Service Announcement

A man dressed in a simple navy blue suit appears in frame, slightly to the left of center, the caption identifying him as William Montgomery, Business Owner. He is seated at a metal desk, a plain white background behind him, the camera stationary in front of him.

"Good evening, I'm William Montgomery and I'm here to speak to you about a problem plaguing our cities today. Metahumans. Some will say that these are no different than humans, but let us look at the facts."

A video screen pops up in the upper right corner, like watching the news. Video begins to play, showing clips like trolls beating up on humans and orks robbing people and leaving them beaten or dead. Then below it, some text begins to get written as Mr. Montgomery speaks. "Orks mature faster than humans and usually have four babies at a time. In the time it takes one human mother to grow old enough and birth one baby, an ork is already raising tweleve kids."

"If you've ever wondered why things cost so much, or why your pay is so small for the work you do, just think about how much money has to go to supporting these degenerates. Orks and trolls may only live for like thirty years, but think about all the damage that they can do in that time, since they lack the drive to become educated or be productive members of the workforce. Is it any reason they turn to violence?"

The video changes to show some gangers of all the non-human metatypes. "Many of them will engage in criminal activities to support their lifestyles, doing things like selling drugs, kidnapping, robbery, murder. Some will even stoop to such crimes as taking advantage of your children, much like their counterparts from fairytales."

"When it comes to elves, they may look a lot better and at least know how to act, but they have been spreading the word that they will live for a few hundred years. Looks like your chances of that promotion just got smaller."

"If you don't believe me, just listen to some testimonials from others and see exactly how widespread this is:"

Dr. Oliver Thomas, Geneticist "These types lack the brainpower to do anything more than follow their base instincts, just like animals, and would anyone have a problem putting down a bear if it was going to endanger their family?"
Lt. Michael Peterson, KE "Over three quarters of the calls we receive a night involves metahumans endangering decent civilians."
Sarah Jenkins, Teacher "The few metahumans that can actually be bothered to come to school are unable to perform the work required, instead harassing those who are interested."

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