Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Tue Mar 23 08:24:36 2010
Subject: UCAS and CAS Politics

Joint Story; Atlanta and Washington, FDC
Confederated American States and United Canadian and American States

In what is being hailed by pundits as an amazing stand against the forces of Chaos by the brave men and women of America, UCAS Representative Ron Proser (R - Saint Louis) and CAS Representative Gabriella Cannon (D - Saint Louis) each brought nearly identical bills before their respective legislative bodies.

The bills, titled the ' Saint Louis Arcane Anti-Proliferation Act', but referred to as the SLAP-Act, would strictly prohibit the 'transfer or allowance of access' to 'non-gifted persons' 'the act of, seeming act of, ability to trigger an act of or the real ability to engage in an act of Thaumaturgy'.

This bill comes after a wave of violence swept the city last month, which was traced in part to an unscrupulous mage who had been selling Magical 'tattoos' and 'semi-permanent thaumaturgical matrixes' to the underworld and gangs of the city.

If passed by both Houses of Congress, the bill would make it a Class-A Federal felony in both nations, punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Representative Cannon, in a press conference, is quoted as saying… "This bill proposes no limits on the freedom of the Thaumaturgicially Capable. We do not seek to limit the awakened, we seek only to limit the danger to the uninitiated, who do not have the capacity to understand the power and the danger to our citizens."

Further language in the bill would allow for the criminalization of the possession of such items or articles that would allow the above.

OOC: This would make it illegal for a mage to create anchoring foci for non awakened, or to quicken or tattoo spells for the non-awakened. It would also criminalize the possession of such things for the unawakened. At this time, creation of such items already legal within in current constructs would be unaffected - for other awakened.

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