Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Wed Mar 17 09:10:53 2010
Subject: Ministry Powers Expanded

Ute Federal District
Ute Nation

Citing the growing power of the 'Anti-Ute conspiracy' that the Ministry of Self Determination has uncovered, Great Chief Michael Iron-Eyes has signed an executive order granting the Ministry nearly unlimited powers of arrest, seizure and surveillance. The act drew immediate protest from the Ute representatives on the Unity Council, including a threatened override of the order.

However, in a surprise move, a scant majority of the Unity Council met behind closed doors and issued a resolution supporting and endorsing the order.

"It is a dark day for the Ute People when we must arm our own forces as the enemy is so armed, so that our nation can persevere" Said Jennifer Miller, Comanche elder on the Unity Council during a Ministry sponsored interview. "We recognize the extraordinary times we live in, and that we are in a battle for the life of the Ute Nation, and in battle, what can be done to secure victory, must be done to secure victory. Anything less is treason, is to give succor to the enemies Ute Nation."

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