Posted By: Reed (#3231)
Date/Time: Wed Mar 17 01:44:36 2010
Subject: Tense Showdown

Real-time Sports News Report:

Reliable sources tell of a tense face-off tonight at the Palatine Summit, where Aspanu Innocenti's yearly benefit for the Making African Families into Amazing Successes fund was being held. Pauly Lucianno, the semi-retired boxer once known as the Pulse, was confronted by the up-and coming Cuban Contender, Carlos "The Animal" Santiago. Eyewitnesses say the two exchanged tense words before the (apparently uninvited) Santiago (hailed by some as the new Sultan of Swat) was led away: The Pulse, apparently unruffled, continued to enjoy his night….

But not before promising the Cuban a fight. Is Lucianno returning to North American fighting at last? Is he still solid enough to contend with a young warrior from the Southern Seas? Tune into The Right Cross later tonight for a full run-down and analysis of the burgeoning battle!

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