Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Sun Mar 14 03:07:56 2010
Subject: A Response to the Pulse

In a late night interview with sports announcer and producer of The Right Cross Al Mickleson, Carlos "The Animal" Santiago responded to Lucciano's remarks about him.

"Interesting that The Pulse gives an interview via his little chippie, who I doubt has the slightest idea of what boxing is outside of what Lucciano whispers in her ear. Have you seen these two talk? Tell me they don't share a bed!"

"Seriously, Al, Lucciano talks a good game and manages to get in the lime light, but like all the washed up pros he spends his time with charities and whores instead of actually working out and training. I even heard some little girl beat him up in his own gym! <laughter>"

"While I, Al, I have been training hard. I fought a bull for God's sake, Al, a honest to God bull!"

«VIDEO: Carlos, in red trunks, literally punching a bull while trainers and a small crowd of Hispanics look on»

"The Pulse, I respect him because once he was a champ. Now, he is like an old woman, hiding behind words and skirts and dismissing a real challenge. If that is what you want, Abuelita, I will go through everyone on the list to get to you. That way you have time to put down the whores and face me like a real man, like the Champion you were. Not as the mewling woman you have become."

More from The Right Cross after these words from Zeiss!

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