Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Fri Mar 12 12:22:53 2010
Subject: Ute Elections Suspended; State of Emergency Decl

Ute Capitol Building
Provo Governmental District
Ute Nation

Ute National Telecom

In a determined speech before the assembled Councils of the Ute Nation, delivered on the steps of the Capitol Building and under the watchful eyes of the Great Chief's protection detail, «HAKDPLNT» Read: Under the gun «/HAKDPLNT» Chief Michael Iron Eyes lambasted the treacherous Anglo Sympathizers who have brought the great Nation to its most critical point since the Re-education Camps.

Citing actions in Salt Lake City, Denver and Las Vegas, «HAKDPLNT» actions instigated by the corrupt regiem of Michael Iron Eyes… «/HAKDPLNT» Michael Iron Eyes issued a State of Emergency declaration that covers the entirety of the Ute Nation, to thunderous applause.

Further citing the Anglo Infiltration of Tablelands Software, and the tense relations with the Pueblo Corporate Council, Michael Iron Eyes's first action under the state of Emergency was to cancel the contract with TableLands Software and the Pueblo Corporate Council. «HAKDPLNT»: This effectively cancels all elections in the Ute Nation and cuts off outside communication… Nice… «/HAKDPLNT»

Great Chief Iron-Eyes finished his speech on an upnote, assuring the crowd that had gathered, that this was the glorious new dawn of the Ute Nation, and at no time since the foundation, under the Venerable Howling Coyote, had the Ute Nation ever shown such promise for prosperity.

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