Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Thu Mar 11 19:01:32 2010
Subject: Jacob Two-Skins Responds

Ute Federal District
Ute Nation

In a statement released shortly after the incident at the FlatIrons National Monument, Jacob Two-Skins refuted the words of Doctor Allen Smith and berated the current Governor of the Ute Nation's sector of Denver.

"Clearly, William Huhuseca no longer has the good intentions of the Ute People at heart. His administration of the Denver Enclave is proof positive of his Anglo Sympathies. At every turn he has relaxed Culture and Heritage Laws, approved a record number of Anglo residency permits and land purchases, he allows Anglo businesses to abuse our citizens, he allows Anglo Interests to disrupt our way of life. All of this creates a situation in which the White Man is slowly taking away what our grandparents fought SO HARD to take back for ourselves; our Self Determination."

"I call now upon the Tribal Council and the Unity Council; Show your support for the Ute Nation, for Great Chief Michael Iron-Eyes, for the Self-Determination and pride of the People you represent. Impeach the Governor of the Denver Enclave and restore our people to their power."

"To Governor Huhuseca, I implore you to save our people, your people, my people, the pain of this proceeding, and step down. Renounce your position and return to Provo."

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