Posted By: Slinger (#69)
Date/Time: Thu Mar 11 18:51:38 2010
Subject: Chaos at FlatIrons Park

Tragedy was narrowly averted today at the FlatIrons park in the Ute sector near Boulder. A group consisting of Mormons and others was peacefully assembled to protest the recent decision by the Great Chief of the Ute Nation, Michael Iron-Eyes, to seal off Salt Lake City, blocking people and supplies from entering or leaving. Recently, however, despite an order from Chief Iron-Eyes, the Ute border is reportedly much more lax on its security, and some are blaming that for the incident today.

(Scene changes to an image of a suited man speaking in front of a microphone. There are other figures, men, women, and children, seated in front of him, listening peacefully. A caption identifies him as Dr. Allen Smith, Mormon leader.)

"…the truth offends the Ministry of Self-Determination, the secret police who believe that their way is the only way, that their way is the /right/ way. They have suppressed information, they have arrested those who have dared to simply express their views. And they have oppressed the Ute people and the people of Salt Lake City for long enough. We.—"

The camera then pans to a youthful Native American man, who ducks under the barricade separating spectators from protesters, his eyes flashing with rage. Some of the Sand Creek police can be seen in the camera view, starting to move toward him.

"How dare you?" he shouts. "The MSD has done nothing but keep our people safe!"

The man on the stage turns to face the newcomer as the camera moves back to him. "Perhaps once that was true!" he calls out. "But now, it is a group of thugs who oppress not only outsiders, but also their own people, anyone who /dares/ speak out. We are here today to speak out. We are not afraid of the Ministry!"

The camera moves back to the young man, just in time to see him pull out a gun and fire off two swift shots at Dr. Smith. The man makes no move to dodge — but instead, the bullets appear to not do much more than knock him back a few steps, even though a little blood appears on his lapel…

The anchor's voice comes back as a voice-over, as Dr. Smith steps back to the stage. "But that was not the end of the possible tragedy. Dr. Smith bravely returned to the microphone to continue speaking."

"That is what we have to contend with! Young men whose heads are filled with nonsense, who have been fed propaganda and brainwashed for years! I do not fear him. I pity him, as I pity all the others who have been told lies and who have been either too weak — or more often, too frightened — to doubt them! Today marks a new beginning, for everyone here, for those who hear my words. A new chance for us to rise up and demand answers from the Ministry of Self-Determination, and tell them that we are capable of determining things for ourselves! No longer should anyone tell us what to think!"
He clears his throat, coughs slightly. "My friends, we must stand strong against them. They can harm some of us, but not all of us. They may try to break us apart, but if we all, Mormon, Native, white and brown and yellow and black, meta and human alike, stand together, then they cannot. topple us." It is growing harder for him to continue, and there is a shout from the crowd of 'Poison!'.
But the speaker appears to be shaking it off. His voice is stronger as he continues. "Poison, yes! That is their way — lies, propaganda, poisoning our minds. They have tried to poison my body, but I am strong enough to withstand it — just as our minds must be strong enough."

There is no warning. No sound at all. The speaker's body simply seems to explode, transforming in an instant from a man into a ragged piece of flesh that flies backward from the microphone to collapse in a bloody heap on the ground. Blood spurts from his body, flowing outward onto the ground.

(The cameras pan in on the sight of his mangled body, always more fodder for the news).

The anchors come back to the screen. "Miraculously, Dr. Smith's life was saved by the swift action of this woman." A picture of Miriam appears next to him, a young human woman with sleek black hair that would probably be shoulder length if it weren't coiled in an elaborate set of braids and locks. Her eyes are blue, striking, with subtle amounts of makeup, and she is dressed in black jeans and denim.

"This woman rushed to the stage and magically healed Dr. Smith, then successfully fended off two more individuals who, it was determined, were spectators diguised as local police. Investigators are questioning all those involved in the incident, and would like to talk to this woman. At this time, there are allegations that the Ministry of Self Determination is behind these attacks, though no statements have yet been released.

Representatives of Doctor Smith and his family have indicated he is recovering in an undisclosed location.

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