Posted By: Pelmen (#763)
Date/Time: Sun Mar 7 15:51:12 2010
Subject: Ceremonial Ritual going very bad

Today our reporters got informed about a prominent magical ceremonial ritual in Sioux that got very bad. It seems sloppy preparations of the ritual materials used resulted in a very nasty incident. Several people were hurt by a rampaging nature spirit. The being seemed to be merely 'playing' but the results were several injured mages and severe damage to the site the ritual was taking place.

According to our research this ritual is taking place as an annual reminder of the great ghost dance. Critics of this kind of rituals have been pointing to the potential for critical failures for years, demanding that security standards for this kind 'sloppy' shamanic rituals should be handled much more strictly. The incident has further frayed the brittle shamanic/hermetic relations that already were damaged due to the harsh critics many shamanic organizations where uttering in the wake of Denvers Dark Hole Zone crisis.

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