Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Sat Mar 6 23:03:01 2010
Subject: Gun Battle at Elitch Gardens

FRFZ, Denver —

A firefight broke out this evening at Elitch Gardens, closed until May 1st. Details are sketchy at this point, but armed and armoured men got into a fight with a number of what Knight Errant is calling 'the very dregs of the Shadowrunner world'.

Six of these so-called runners were found dead at the Gardens, shot by high tech military grade weapons. Also on the sight was a gaily wrapped package, inside of which was a box with UCAS military markings, inside of which was what Knight Errant identified as the components to a launch system that may go to some sort of missile or rocket system.

Most bizarre, the device was wrapped robes that have been tentatively identified as being from Rome.

We will have more on this case as it develops!

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