Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Thu Mar 4 13:10:01 2010
Subject: Sand Creek Renews Contract, Releases Students

Ute Sector, Denver, Colorado —

After lengthy negotiations, Sand Creek Security Services has renewed its contract with William Huhuseca, the Governor-Councilor of the Ute Sector. This came as a bit of surprise to some, given the country's ongoing political and social turmoil as well as last moment machinations by Sihuks Kiitsu Security (Five Waters Security), who was petitioning hard to gain the contract.

Huhuseca has been very quiet in the news, avoiding all press and questions regarding what his country is doing and what their plans are for the Ute Sector. Those in the media have been extra critical given the agents of the Ministry of Self-Determination that have flooded the sector looking for terrorists in connection with the tragedy at the White Mesa Anglo Reservation.

In continuing news, Sand Creek Security has released the students held in connection with the arrests made in January. This took some time due to jurisdictional conflict between Sand Creek and the Ministry of Self-Determination. Governor-Councilor Huhuseca signed the papers yesterday for their freedom, but made no comment on the matter to press. The Ministry issued a formal complaint.

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