Posted By: Pulse (#3231)
Date/Time: Wed Mar 3 14:03:29 2010
Subject: A Response to the Animal


Last Night star reporter Tammy Tucker had a chance to sit down with legendary boxer, Paulino "The Pulse" Lucciano, fresh back from his championship-winning tour in the icy wastes of Siberia. When pressed about the recent challenge by Carlos "The Animal" Santiago, the ever-erudite boxer had this to say:

"Who? Ha ha ha. I joke. Yes, I'm aware of Carlos and the challenge he's issued, but, frankly, I have a hard time crediting him. Who's he beaten? Johny "The Apple" Seed? Please. Abraham "Moses" Jacob? Come on! Seriously, Tammy. Give me a break. He's the type of poser-pretender that couldn't actually -get- a fight with me unless he raised hell in the press about it. But I'll say this. Even though he's not ranked enough for me to -even consider- fighting him in a championship match (frankly, there's nothing I could gain from it), if he'd ever like to show up to my gym, I'd be more than happy to give him a free exhibition on what real boxers are like. That's a personal invitation, Carlos. Any time you want to come down to the Bare Knuckle Boxing Gym, in the process of new renovations and, as always, offering a wide range of personal training and health-oriented services (located at the corner of Quincy and Buckley, come on down), I'll be waiting there. Come on, let's give the kids a show- maybe you'll even land a punch!"

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