Posted By: Codemonkey (#6569)
Date/Time: Sun Feb 28 07:30:40 2010
Subject: Global Network News

…."Thank you for watching, and good night," says the overly attractive brunette woman in the red minidress. Then the screen fades out only to be replaced by a giant logo, a Winkel triple projection image of the globe with the letters GNN stamped on it.

"Thank you for joining Global Network News this evening. I am Richard Bell," says a deep British voice as the logo disappears and the camera closes in on a brown haired man with hazel eyes and dressed in a dark blue suit and a red tie. He smiles the smile that a thousand plastic surgeons wish they could create and teeth so white they sparkle. "And joining me tonight is Bryn Davies." The camera switches to a woman with shoulder length blonde hair and ice blue eyes, dressed in a crimson dress.

"Today's top story," Richard continues as a city shot of Denver opens behind him, "Three dead, one hospitalized in what appears to be a violent food poisoning issue. Mr. David Addis and his wife Christna, as well as Mr. Samuel Roe all died after eating at the upscale restaurant. Currently in Denver General Hospital receiving treatment is Rebecca Robinson. We will keep you posted on this story as it unfolds."

The camera then changes to Bryn, as she speaks, her voice having a New York accent to it, "In other news, Wyrd Software, makers of the popular simsense games 'Lasers of Evisceration', 'Allied Sunshine Dystopia', and their last year's release 'Incomprehensible Demon Riders' has just announced the title of their next game. 'Mad, Mad Buddhist Babies'. Their CEO, Neena Jetwani, had this to say,"

A East Indian woman's face appears on the screen, her black hair tied up in a bun as her brown eyes take in the crowd, the microphones in front of her. "We will be releasing some information to our trix site soon, including a detailed writeup of the game, but what we will be releasing right now is that we are re-lauching a media market that was released from before the crash, and aiming it towards the current gamer market. Initial testing has gone well, and we feel that gamers will be following this until our release date this summer."

The image shifts back to Bryn as she continues speaking, taking in the information as it is processed to her, "This just in. There are unconfirmed reports that Claus Verhooven, CEO of Ver-i-tech, has died. Sources close to Verhooven was flying back to his estate in Paris, France, when the plane went down." An image of Claus Verhooven appears on a screen, a German gentleman in his sixties with greying hair. "We will report any information that we receive in this matter."

Richard speaks up again as the focus shifts back ti him. "Stephen Broadley has become a household name in trideo and trix entertainment these last few months, especially now that the first season of his new show, 'Big Brother' is winding down." A picture of a young man, likely no older than 22, is shown on screen. The man has long blue spiked hair, five rings in each eyebrow and his eyes are pure silver.

"For those of you who may not have seen the show, it followed twelve contestants through a complete recording of the last year of their lives, each month one contestant being voted out, until only one remained, and they were then awarded a five hundred million nuyen prize. This time, he claims he has outdone himself with his new show, 'What Would You Do For An Orichalcum Bar?'." He pauses, perhaps taking a quick breath before starting again, "And now to Abbie for the weather."

The scene switches once more, this time to a white woman, completely white with a bar moving from her head down every twenty seconds. "Hi everyone, A.B.B.I.E. here with today's weather…"

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