Posted By: Pelmen (#763)
Date/Time: Sat Feb 27 15:56:05 2010
Subject: Random incidents?

Heya Shadow folks, this is your beloved Tinsy. Host of the Tinsy Pirate Network. All around town several incidents with public and private owned installations have occurred. During the last few days. Most of them in UCAS zone but some in Sioux, Aztlan, CAS and Ute Sectors. All these incidents have in common is that the involved places had internal power supplies and that the intruders never were clearly identified beyond 'shadowy figures'. The prices paid for security are currently massively rising and even standard private installations are requesting top of the notch upgrades to their facilities. Yes, my dear shadow folks, where before a simple security door was good enough it now has cameras and top of the notch sensors. Guess the race for arms got a bit out of hand lately with Sioux Wildcat undercover teams getting shredded, several cops and guards all around town killed by those shadows and no one knowing what their real aims are. Expect serious impact on even simple runs. Or hide real deep in the shadows if you lack the firepower to match with the real big boys thrown at this shithole of a city.

Have a good time your friendly neighbor Tinsy. See you next time our sender manages premium channel time.

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