Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Tue Feb 23 13:20:48 2010
Subject: Chicago Protest

Chicago, UCAS —

A number of musicians from across the spectrum have come together to perform a song in protest of the March 12th concert promoting travel to Chicago. This concert and the travel promotion to Chicago is the UCAS's attempt to bolster that city's economy, bringing people back to the now 'safe' city and bring back citizens.

The musicians, led by 'Little' Tommy van Saint, Bob 'The Master' Stevenson and a host of others, have released their thoughts on a track called '(Ain't gonna play) Bug City', which borrows heavily from a 1985 protest song. Little Thommy said, "They can try to make us believe that Second City is alright for livin', but that ain' true. Let Ares put its blue boys back in the city for a while and live there. Put yo money where yo mouth is, Knight!"

Damien Knight, the CEO of Ares Macrotechnology and one of the main proponents of the Chicago plan, had no comment at press time.

«DOWNLOAD» 'Bug City' song now for 10 =Y= from Zongs!

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