Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Mon Feb 15 08:28:41 2010
Subject: Anti-Ute Terrorists Assassinate SLC President

Salt Lake City
Ute Nation

A late night explosion at the SLC Capitol Building has claimed the life of the President of the SLC-AZ, Marcus Young. President Young and his entourage were leaving the Capitol where they had been meeting with Ute Interior Minister Jeff Marahoe when an explosion of an unknown nature <M-SD DIRECTIVE: REDACT AND INSERT FOLLOWING TEXT> when an Anti-Ute terrorist attack </M-SD> claimed the life of the President and his security detail.

<M-SD DIRECTIVE: INSERT FOLLOWING TEXT> The SLC-AZ has been plagued with infiltration by Anti-Ute terrorists, using the autonomy of the Salt Lake City area as a cover for their heinous actions. The provisional leader of the Salt Lake City Autonomous Zone has agreed to turn over the investigation to the Ministry of Self-Determination. </M-SD>

This comes on the heels of a virtual blockade of the SLC-AZ by Ute Military Forces, in which commercial shipping and civilian traffic in and out of the AZ has been slowed and delayed at every available opportunity. Fines and levies have been extracted from the people coming and going, leading to many companies to scale back their trade with the SLC-AZ. <M-SD DIRECTIVE: REDACT PRECEDING PARAGRAPH AND INSERT FOLLOWING TEXT> The Ute Defense Force has established a defensive perimeter around the SLC-AZ to defend its loyal citizens from threats both internal and external, working in cooperation with the SLC-PD. </M-SD>

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