Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Mon Feb 15 08:23:05 2010
Subject: Breaking News in the Ute Nation

Ute Federal District
Ute Nation

Citing what the Ministry of Self Determination is calling 'Conclusive and compelling' evidence of widespread 'Anglo Infiltration and Influence' in the Ute Nation's Government, Great Chief Michael IronEyes has ordered the arrest and detainment of several key members of the Tribal Council and Unity Council in addition to the ordered arrest of many of the Council of Elders.

Among those ordered arrested is Elder Magistrate Raymond Sykes, chief of the High Court of Elders. Elder Sykes has not been confirmed to be in custody at this time. <M-SD DIRECTIVE: REMOVE FOLLOWING TEXT> The UDF unit sent to capture him has not been heard from since deploying to the Magistrates Boise-area ranch. Rumors swirl about a fire fight and some suggest that the Magistrate has fled to either Tir Taingire or the Salish Shide Nation. A snow storm has prevented reinforcements from reaching the ranch.</M-SD>

The Ministry of Self Determination has placed the following bounties:

Bounty Position Amount

Raymond Sykes Elder Magistrate 150,000
James Randall Unity Councilor (Ute Tribe) 75,000
Raphael RedCrow Tribal Councilor (Henderson) 30,000
Lt. Col. William Uhten Ute Defense Force 50,000
Jessica Miller SLC-AZ Vice-President 20,000
Chief Roger Johnson SLC-PD Commandant 25,000
Chief Sylvia Tarrigone Lone Star Police Services (LV) 10,000
Maj. David Owens Ute Defense Force 10,000
Ephram Zebbidiah Jones Mormon Terrorist 15,000
Jessica Jones Mormon Terrorist 15,000
'Silandro' Magical Terrorist 10,000

In related news, the UDF has started shutting down foreign news agencies in the Ute Nation, with coordinated raids on KSAF, NewsNet and other Media Outlets. Following formal protests by NewsNet and KSAF to the Sovereign Tribal Council, the STC has called an emergency meeting in Cheyenne for tomorrow, February 16th, 2070 to discuss the disturbing events. Michael Iron-Eyes has ordered STC Representative Rita Fairchild to boycott the meeting in protest.</M-SD>

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