Posted By: Pelmen (#763)
Date/Time: Wed Feb 10 14:19:00 2010
Subject: Black Hole Restricted Zone evacuation ruptured!

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This is Mara Bradley with more disturbing news from the Black Hole Restricted Zone that is currently in buildup.

An uproar of fear and fright happened as a swarm of those unexplained shadow things ruptured the Zones evacuation plans. The so far orderly evacuation became a mess as all off a sudden apartments were found empty, evac teams dissappeared and the remaining citzens of the zone fled in a panic.
After that these unknown monsters were swarming openly through the zone. Barely held in check by the security forces that ammassed at the borders still unfortified parts. The good news seems to be that the walls seem to be able to contain the threat as none of these so called 'shaodw men' have penetrated the secured areas.
Reports of missing people and losses at the border stand are so far not available. We have reason to believe though that hundreds of people have been taken, maybe even more. The tragedies that took place int here are not imaginable families lost dear ones and many that escaped are in psychiological treatment.

This was Mara Bradley from KSAF.
KSAF! We are the news!

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