Posted By: Pulse (#3231)
Date/Time: Tue Feb 9 16:48:30 2010
Subject: Big Trouble in Little Chiba

This is Tammy Tucker, fresh back from my vacation abroad, reporting on the recent outbreak of violence in Little Chiba. In a surprising turn of events, the relative peace that's blessed the area was shattered this afternoon by the sounds of Gunfire outside the Happy Lucky Joyous Spa. Police reports indicate that the notorious Walking Dog Giant Cannon, aka 'Harry Bisset,' one-time Ute Hatchetman, and his bodyguard Bridget Gingerstar were murdered in the process- what they were doing in a massage parlor just across the street from Little Chiba is anyone's guess. Is there some connection between this sudden outburst of violence and the current troubles in the Ute? Or is this a beginning of a new series of racial violence? We at Shiawase News Now will, as always, keep you informed.

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