Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Mon Feb 8 13:00:01 2010
Subject: Saeder-Krupp Withdraws from Ute Nation

Ute Nation

In a move that surprises many, the corporate giant Saeder-Krupp Prime has announced it will be suspending its operations inside the Ute nation and withdrawing to the Salt Lake Autonomous Zone. The surprise announcement comes on the heels of the arrest of 12 Saeder-Krupp employees in Ely, Ute Nation, following a confrontation with what the Corporate Spokesman, Dietrich Von Geobel characterized as a hate-crime against the anglo prospecting team by a group of local Native American extortionists.

The news did little to affect the privately held SK Prime, but sent ripples through the already weakened Ute stock sector on the Santa Fe Stock Exchange. The Deseret Stock Exchange of Salt Lake City dipped 5 percent, but rallied late to close down 3 percent.

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