Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Sat Feb 6 23:23:22 2010
Subject: Odd Sighting

Downtown Denver (Sioux)
Denver Free Trade Zone
Denver Front Range Free Zone

Citizens are abuzz with the recent sighting of 'Captain Stupendous'. Captain Stupendous appeared recently in downtown Denver, where he seems to 'patrol' looking for 'crime' to protect the local citizens from. Wearing spandex and a cape, no one seemed to take him seriously, until yesterday.

Yesterday, as seen in the attached video, Captain Stupendous rescued Juan Decolvez, a local laborer for FTL Matrix Systems, from this scaffold some 300 feet above Denver.

«<VIDEO: A man in white spandex, red boots, gloves and cape, streaks through the air and catches a man falling from a broken window-washing scaffold.»>

Requests for interviews with Captain Stupendous have been ignored, and at the scene of the action, he declined comment.

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