Posted By: Pelmen (#763)
Date/Time: Sat Feb 6 09:10:57 2010
Subject: Barricading the Wells Fargo

This is Mara Bradley from KSAF news network.

There is disturbing news given by an official statement from Knight Errant to the matter of the area around the Wells Fargo Building. Downtown districts public affairs liaison Rose Deverton was giving a press conference on the matter just a few minutes ago.

« The image fades into an official looking room bearing the Ares Macrotechnology and Knight Errant Logo prominently. »

Rose Deverton enters the room to a lightning shower from the cameras.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, I have asked you to join me to announce the newest developments at the Well Fargo Center. I am afraid this is bad news.

There is an entire Ares Strike force missing and some strange creatures seem to stalk the area, operating out of that strange fog, that have so far cost us several losses. There creatures are extremely dangerous and are not to be underestimated. I can confirm that these are no bug spirits or any other kind of known magic threat. They seem to be confined to normal means of movement, though, so we will in the interest of public safety create the 'Black hole Savety Area'. 'Black Hole' being the internal code name the officers on the site have called the mysterious fog by now.

This area will range east from 15th and Welton, south from 20th and north of Colfax Avenue and West of York Street. This area will be barricaded off with with with walls to provide safety to the surrounding areas. All citizens still within that area are hereby notified of evacuation of the area.

This is simply a measure to ensure all of Denver's safety. I assure you that is no sign of us giving up on the area. It is a simple and necessary measure of precaution as the level of danger we encounter here now is so far not really estimate able. Our best experts still work to eliminate this obviously dangerous threat to our city, but for now our best efforts have not shown to be efficient. And we have to ensure that the threat will not spread to other parts of town. I thank you for your attention.

«A few questions get asked after this but the expertly trained official replies with skilled non-committal phrases revealing no more real information. After that the woman leaves, the image fading back into the studio with Mira Bradley.»

Well, if this does not sound ominous. The Errant forced to seal off an area in our most secure parts of Denver, an Ares Strike force missing. Our reporters have been sent of to get more information on the matter. We will keep you informed.

This was Mara Bradley from KSAF.
KSAF! We are the news!

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