Posted By: Pelmen (#763)
Date/Time: Thu Jan 28 07:39:10 2010
Subject: Activity at the Well Fargo Center

This is Mara Bradley from KSAF news network.

Though official channels are still holding up on information there is some visible activity at the cloud site covering the Wells Fargo Center. It seems some heavy machinery is set up for some so far unknown reason. It seems to look like a high altitude crane of some sorts.

« The image fades to a remote position overseeing the Wells Fargo Center site, where a latticework of seemingly huge dimensions, the mentioned crane seems to be slowly set up. »

Official sides still keep a strict secrecy on the matter so all we can offer so far is this little visible tidbit. The reasons for this action are so far unknown. We will keep you informed.

This was Mara Bradley from KSAF.
KSAF! We are the news!

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