Posted By: Craig (#65)
Date/Time: Fri Jan 22 22:18:49 2010
Subject: Chinese New Year's Celebration

(printed in Chinese) The glorious new year is nearly upon us! The Chinese New Year celebration will be kicking off in Chinatown on February 11th with a glorious display of fireworks! Come renew your heritage and reconnect with the past with our authentic display of New Years traditions!

From China, the Guandong Lion Dancers have accepted our local school's challenge, the House of the Black Lion! Come cheer them as they fiercely battle for the pride and honor of Denver's people on Feb 11th!

On the third day, Feb 13th, the Silver Lotus Temple will be leading a parade in honor of the dead and visiting local graveyards to bless and visit dead relatives. Feel free to accompany them on this day of remembrance.

Seventh day is Feb 15th, the birthday of the God of Wealth! Come visit our shops for the biggest sales on the finest Chinese goods in all of North America!

Nineth day of the Festival is the birthday of the Jade Emperor, Feb 19th! Traditional plays honoring his life will be held in the streets of Little Chiba by the Denver Anhui Opera Troupe!

In the fifteenth day (Feb 25th) the Lantern festival will be held throughout all of Chinatown. Join all of us in guiding all our wayward souls home.

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