Posted By: Pelmen (#763)
Date/Time: Tue Jan 19 15:09:32 2010
Subject: KE press conference

This is Mara Bradley from KSAF news network.

More than 48 hours gone there is an official statement from Knight Errant to the matter of the Wells Fargo Building finally. Downtown districts public affairs liaison Rose Deverton was giving a press conference on the matter just a few minutes ago.

« The image fades into an official looking room bearing the Ares Macrotechnology and Knight Errant Logo prominently. »

Rose Deverton enters the room to a lightining shower from the cameras. "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, I have asked you to join me to answer your questions in behalf of the recent developments at the Wells Fargo Center here in Denver. First I will give you a little overview of the situation. Then I will be ready to answer you some questions.", she says.

There is a short pause as Miss Denvers seems to read a view facts from a little sheet in front of her.

KE Downtowns's public affairs liaison continues then, "We have to confirm that the phenomenon extends to the astral and is very harmful to the average magic user. And thus it is severely advised to stay away from the phenomenon. Our security mages had to drag out at least six mages so far to avoid casualties."

She makes a short pause for breathing, "This fog seems to affect mundane humans in no way. Except by seemingly removing all means of lighting in the area of it's effect. We thereby advice all people to stay out of that area physically as well as we had an hard enough time to evacuate the building and retrieve the two so far known victims of the incident. We have not been able to enter the upper levels so far, but there are preparations underway to penetrate deeper into the building and investigate the reasons behind the fog."

« A few questions get asked after this but the expertly trained official replies with skilled non-committal phrases revealing no more real information. After that the woman leaves, the image fading back into the studio with Mara Bradley.»

Well, at least we have a few confirmations now. It may seem that Knight Errant has some days of hard work ahead of them still. We will keep you informed.

This was Mara Bradley from KSAF.
KSAF! We are the news!

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