Posted By: Annie (#5398)
Date/Time: Mon Jan 18 15:28:26 2010
Subject: Statement Released!

UCAS Sector
Denver FRFZ

Serathilion Medaron, CEO of Roundabout Executive Protection Services recently made a press release outside her UCAS headquarters regarding accusations against herself and the widely publicized spate of arrests in the Ute Nation with the most recent being that of noted Talismonger and businesswoman Talia Ki'Arnan.

"If the Ministry of Self-Determination is going to arrest or shut down every business or charity that I or my Corporation deal with in the Ute Nation, then they risk plunging their Nation into even more dire circumstances than their effectively third world nation already harbors. Calling for the arrests of loyal and long standing citizens and community leaders of their nation on the basis that someone 'wanted for questioning' bought something at their place of business is ridiculous and spurious in the extreme.

These sorts of fascist tactics hearken back to the days when the old United States began arresting and incarcerating Native Americans on the basis of being distantly related to someone engaged in the SAIM movement, and it is truly sad that the Ute leadership seem to have forgotten their personal history and seem destined to repeat mistakes long ago proven to be fatal on a national level. It's my hope that they see the errors of their ways before the Ute leadership do permanent harm to the people of the Ute Nation.

Neither I nor my Corporation have received an official notice that they (The Ute MSD) would like to talk to me. I will continue doing business in the Ute Nation and my corporation will continue its philanthropic endeavors therein. If the ministry wants to ask me a question, they may do so by making an appointment with my personal assistant. If they want to take me 'in for questioning', well…then we may have a problem. Or more aptly, they may have a problem. In case of such an event I truly hope that they have a good supply of up and coming MSD agents in the ranks to replenish those lost in the line of their so-called duty.

There haven't been any concrete charges brought against my friend Briannah Ki'Arnan to indicate that the alleged terrorism charge is anything more than a trumped up political maneuver to discredit a woman who is still considered a hero to the Native American Nations as a whole.

In the meantime, we will be making a donation to the legal defense fund of Talia Ki'Arnan and an offer to post her bail is being made. Of course this is all assuming the Ute still follow any semblance of civilized law or due process. Thank you."

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