Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Sat Jan 16 10:28:58 2010
Subject: Aircraft Shot Down

A Pueblo registered Charter Jet was shot down over CAS airspace near Colorado Springs this morning after it strayed across the border without authorization. The Cessna-Goldman 302 Passenger Aircraft crossed airspace boundaries near Spruce, PCC-FRFZ and proceeded south on a course for Colorado Springs.

When the Aircraft, which did not have any required identification markings, did not answer authentication requests, CAS UAM's deployed along the border were activated. While these events happen infrequently, they are not illegal and are considered to be inconsequential events in terms of Geopolitics.

UAM's, or Underground-to-Air Missiles are tube launchers that are buried in the ground to escape easy detection. They function automatically and have been a source of frustration for smugglers and military adventurism for 30 years. Pilots have called them the aerospace equivilant of a land mine.

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