Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Fri Jan 15 04:50:52 2010
Subject: Project Irony rebuked

Rapid City,
Sioux Nation

The National Association of Tribal Shaman of the Sioux Nation has issued a formal rebuke to the Sioux Nation over a plan called Project Irony. Project Irony calls for the removal of the Kiksuyapi Band of Lakota from their lands near the old township of Bend. The Kiksuyapi are a 400 strong band of Native Traditionalists who have gone back to the ancient ways of living, in teepee and using skins. They are seen by many in the Sioux Nation as a holy people.

The Council of Chiefs forwarded the plan, officially called the Kikasuyapi resettlement program recently. The plan calls for their movement to the lands outside Billings, which are significantly colder year round. The reason for the removal, was the discovery of strategically valuable mineral deposits under the Kiksuyapi land.

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