Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Fri Jan 15 02:09:28 2010
Subject: Cargo Slowdown at SLC border

Ute Governmental District
Ute Nation

In what is being described as a routine backup by the Ute Government and willful interference and economic sabotage by the President Young of the SLC-AZ, cargo flow has slowed down noticeably at all major roads in to the largest Anglo reservation in the Native American Nations.

President Young has vowed to appeal to the STC for redress, citing increasingly hostile actions on the part of the Ute Nation. The Salt Lake City Autonomous Zone is in good standing with the Native American Nations, which leads many to see this as a test of the STC in the new age, an age in which the NAN nations must stand as true nations ruled by law, or as ethnocentric enclaves ruled by blood alone.

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