Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Mon Jan 11 08:25:11 2010
Subject: Lamanite Security Systems Press Release

Lamanite Security Systems has announced the release of its much anticipated Dual QuadCore(DQC) security technology. Built in conjunction with Tablelands Software of the Pueblo Corporate Council, the DQC scanning system interlaces the diagnostic processors of multiple scanning systems in to one datastream.

The net result is a vastly superior scanning system that can detect even the smallest deviations in Magnetic Fields created by firearms, blades or even hidden cybernetic systems. When a magnetic anomaly is detected, the second stage scan automatically engages (Or can be manually triggered, based on privacy legislation in your home nation) to identify the nature of the anomaly by magnetic signature, chemical trace and power emissions.

While not a portable systme, the DQC is a powerful technology for any facility or location that has a need for access control. When operated by a skilled technician or outfitted with a Tablelands ScannerDrone Neural-Net, the QuadCore system represents a potent new weapon against the tide of lawlessness.

The DQC system is already online at select customs stations around the SLC-AZ, with the Sioux Nation and Pueblo Corporate Council in discussions to install them in their high-volume border checkpoints.

Lamanite Security Systems is a publicly traded subsidiary of Deseret Industries, registered in the SLC-AZ and is traded on the SFSE with a ticker symbol of LSEC. Tablelands Software is a publicly traded corporation registered in the Pueblo Corporate Council and is traded on the SFSE with a ticker symbol of TBLD.

«Attached video shows a situation in the SLC-AZ Highway 15 border check. In it, a large male with a blurred face, dressed in riding leathers, is scanned. The scanner clearly detects a magnetic anomaly, with half the screen showing the magnetic alarm. The secondary scanner kicks in to show that the man in question has fully replaced his body with Cybernetic parts of what the scanners mark as Delta Grade.

Voice Over: "We don't want this man in our home town. Do you want him in yours?"»

(Want details on the DQC Security Scanning technology? Contact Vulcan)

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