Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Sun Jan 10 22:41:13 2010
Subject: Murderer Found

Ute Sector, Denver

News has come in tonight that the killers of both Jason Eagle Brow and Marilyn Chambers have been shot and killed while attempting to capture them.

Knight Errant, operating with Haran Specialists (a licensed police company in Balitimore, Maryland, UCAS), acted on anonymous tips and engaged two men believed to have been responsible for the slaying of the two speakers. KE representative Vincent Lane told reporters, "The tip proved solid and so we went in with Haran's people. In the attempt to arrest them, both men opened fire. My people were forced to defend themselves and in the subsequent crossfire both men were killed. There was an astounding amount of anti-NAN and anti-elf propaganda and several leads to other cases of this nature. We feel that this is an open and shut case."

Those in the Ute Sector were not surprised that the shooters, both described as Anglo human males, were killed before they could talk. "Of course they were," said Charles Bearshoulders, "that way they couldn't point the finger at who was behind it."

There is no word at this time from Tir Tairngire.

Ā«OOC: Follow-up to the deaths of Eagle Brow and ChambersĀ»

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