Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Sat Jan 9 04:29:56 2010
Subject: NEWSFLASH: Terrorists Wanted!

Ute Governmental District
Ute Nation

The Ministry of Self Determination has released the following photographs and information, for people sought in connection with recent events near Abajo Peak and the deaths on the Anglo Reservation there. Any one knowing the whereabouts of these people is requested to inform the Ministry of Self Determination at once. A reward is being offered for information that leads to a successful apprehension of these very dangerous individuals.

Suspect 1: Briannah Elspeth Ki'Arnan
«Shown on a border crossing stock photo»

This elderly human woman appears to be in her late eighties to
early nineties, standing at a slightly hunched over 5 feet tall and
weighing in at the hundred pound mark. Her ethnicity is difficult
to determine due to the weight of years, but if you had to guess
you would have to place her as a member of one of the Native
American tribes. Her face is heavily wrinkled with a prominent
nose and high sculpted cheekbones that frame a pair of lively black
eyes which are starting to show signs of cataracts. Her long silver
hair is currently bound back into a tight bun with a pair of
ornate wooden spikes holding it in place.

SIN: NAN-05398-0009TK-0003VZ-1JG (Soverign Tribal Council)
Vehicle: Ford-Canada Bison Recreational Vehicle, UCAS Registration. Owned by Serathelion Danielle Medaron of the UCAS.

Suspect 1: Kelvin Steele
«Shown in Security Camera footage from a diner»

A brown eyed elven male with short cropped, spiked blond hair,
dressed in hip, urban themed clothing. Shown relaxing with a
plate of food, he is smoking and talking to Briannah.

SIN: DRF-00069-0001QM-00077D-FBU (Draco Foundation)
Vehicle: Personally owned Black Ford Suburban, UCAS Registration.

Suspect 3: Janet Bradders
«Shown on a border crossing stock photo»

A young human woman of average build with bright red hair
cascading down to her shoulders. A set of sleek silver mirror
shades cover her eyes, but aside from that she doesn't seem to
wear much in the way of makeup - not that it looks like she
needs all that much to look good.

SIN: UCAS-04136-000CXI-0005ZS-ZH1 (UCAS)
Vehicle: None Known, riding with others.

All three were last seen in the town of Montecello, heading for the Pueblo Border. They are considered armed and extremely dangerous. Evidence points to these three in the deaths of the Blanding Police Department, White Mesa Anglo Reservation, San Juan County.


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