Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Fri Jan 8 06:01:08 2010
Subject: Media Roundup

Associated Artists, based in Los Angeles, Pueblo Corporate Council (SFSE: AA) released its weekly list of top rated media products, ranging from Stand Alone Feature Length Trideos (Called Movies by those older than 40, and called Trids by everyone in a marketable demographic), to Episodic Network Broadcast Content, to Music and print media.

SAFLT (Trids)

1: A Hollow Man - This traditional block buster follows the exploits of Officer John McTuro, former Chicago cop with nothing to lose. After the Bugs took his family, Officer McTuro wages a one man war make the Bugs pay. Along the way he loses his own humanity and must face what he has become, helped by a mysterious woman who takes an interest in his soul. Stars John McMurdo and 'Epiphanie', a Free Spirit in her first staring roll.
Tagline: "Humanity is only Skin Deep".

3: AFKBRB - This romantic comedy is aimed at the young teen market, focusing on hip music, cool fashion and Disney/Vivindi provided StarPower. When Sarah's fathers corp moves them to a new Arcology, she has to get used to a new RTG. Follow Sarah's hilarious mishaps and adventures as she finds love can cross boundaries unimagined when her Matrix-Relationship turns out to be an AI. Stars the current crop of D/V teen stars.
Tagline: "A/S/L?"

3: Past on the Breeze - This epic film, set in the Sioux Nation just after the Treaty of Denver stars Bill Sable, Vivien Howard, Leigh Howard, and Olivia dePont. It tells a story of the NAN War and its aftermath from a white midwestern viewpoint and a romantic storyline involving an Anglo female cattle rancher and the Sioux warrior she nurses back to health. This film has caused protests from many cultural for the lack of bias it displays, alternately demeaning the plight of the Anglo against terrorism or in downplaying the genocides of the United States and Canada. Most historians however, endorse the Trid as reasonably accurate.
Tagline: "It was a new age"


1: Lord Go-Go - My JalaBall (UrbanCORE)
2: Concrete Dreams - 20 year Retrospective (Rock)
3: Donnie Jinkens - Runnin Down A Dream (Country)
4: Lord Go-Go - Smashin (UrbanCORE)
5: Denise Laferty - Folk In The Road (Folk/Rock)
6: Nuyen Tuesday - FEEL IT (UrbanCORE)
7: LighteningBolt-LighteningBolt-LighteningBolt - AWAKENED APOCOLYPSE (Euro-Metal)
8: Maria Lopez - Su Casa es Mi Casa (Dance/UrbanCORE)
9: Susan Garner - Please Just Slot Me (Dance)
10: Mark Atkins - America Rises Again (Country)

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