Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Thu Jan 7 21:52:21 2010
Subject: Double Murder at Roundtable!

Toronto, UCAS

This is a Breaking Story!

Knight Errant has the Westwood Arena in Toronto closed off after gunshots rang out at what was billed as an "anti-oppression" rally.

Jason Eagle Brow and Marilyn Chambers were reported to have been shot and killed following several rousing speeches this evening. The assailant or assailants have not been apprehended at this time, but Knight Errant assures that every possible measure is being taken to capture and detain anyone involved in this.

Eyewitness reports are all that can be used at this time, as KE has confiscated all trideo footage of the event, including several amateur sources. According to witnesses, Jason Eagle Brow was in the process of moving away from the podium after a vehement outcry against the Ute Nation when he was apparently shot in the head from long range. A second or possibly third shot went through his chest and caught Chambers, a noted critic of the elven nation of Tir Tairngire.

While we cannot report the official call by DocWagon at the scene, eyewitnesses report that Eagle Brow looked to have been shot in the head at least once, and again through the center of the chest. Chambers had at least one shot in what appears to have been the throat.

This is a Breaking Story!

«OOC: This ties into Vulcan's Ute Plot. However, you an @mail Silk for more details on this post.»

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