Posted By: Effek (#1299)
Date/Time: Sat Jan 2 00:12:09 2010
Subject: Merry New Years Mayhem!

The new year starts fast. Mayhem has swept Denver this past week. Ranging from theft from local CAS stores, Highway biker gangs causing destruction on Hwy 72, and Warren gangs bloody street shoot outs. Two days ago local stores in the CAS were the broken into and robed. These items included blankets, ammo, food, and even generators. Some wanna point fingers at the Warren gangs stating "They stole these to prepare for another power outage!" But others believe it was the result of a professional "The stores were robed leaving little damage, security systems were not harmed but disabled, clearly we are talking about a professional."

Last night a gang war erupted in the Aurora Warrens. Gang Task Force says the two gangs locally known as the Demons and the Sureno's are at fault. This chapter of gang war and gang violence has led too 18 deaths, and Task Force says more is to come. Also on the subject of gang violence early this evening CAS had it's share. Rampaging biker gangs 30 at large led a trail of death and destruction today on Hwy 72. This violent act led to 7 deaths and 19 injured. 5 bikers were killed in a cross fire of what Lone Star is calling a good thing for a change. Witnesses have told police that the one man led an assault against the groups, and also a drone. Lone Star says they cannot tell what gang the biker's were but that they are investigating.

Meanwhile Max Hartman former official for Wuxing Inc has stated he will be coming back. Hartman three weeks ago announced his retirement of Wuxing after several pointed fingers declaring Hartman of stealing thousands from Malaysian Independent Bank. Hartman and president Wu-Lung Wei have announced Hartman will be their new head of Wuxing's Computer Engineering and Military Technology departments. Congrats to Hartman. More news will be delivered on the hour.

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