Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Fri Dec 25 05:27:46 2009
Subject: UCAS Denver Grid Goes Dark!

UCAS Sector,
Denver FRFZ

Following the removal of the Warrens from the power grid late Thursday night, the UCAS Mid-City Grid went entirely offline for a period of 95 minutes. The central down town core was only without power for a few minutes before backup power for the core came on line.

The rest of the city was without power for nearly two hours in what the UCAS Sector's Infrastructure Wilton Brembly blamed Rocky Mountain Power Generation's hasty disconnect of the Aurora Warrens from the grid and unforeseen but highly complex interactions between substations, transformers and generation sites that led to a cascading failure of the grid.

UCAS Sector Governor Jeremy Faloon, acting from the Federal District of Columbia where he is on holiday, issued an executive order dissolving the contract held by RMPG, instead awarding its terms on a temporary basis to K N Energy Incorporated, a small energy company located in the CAS, but which volunteered its energy reserves and expertise to bring the grid back on line, including the Aurora Warrens.

In related news, last night there were 201 reported cases of death by acute hypothermia in the Warrens. The vast majority of these cases were among the SINless, but several were UCAS citizens and thus RMPG may be held criminally liable for its reckless actions.

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