Posted By: Vulcan (#3087)
Date/Time: Thu Dec 24 23:51:17 2009
Subject: Grid Failure

Aurora Warrens
UCAS Sector
Denver FRFZ

Citing a larger than anticipated draw on the power grid, Denver Utility Contractor 'Rocky Mountain Power Generation' has cut power to the Aurora Warrens. While no legal obligation exists to serve the area, it is traditionally left powered as a humanitarian service.

The Red Cross of Denver objected, citing the humanitarian issues of cutting power at the height of winter, in the middle of a snow storm. No official comment has been made by RMPG, but unofficially, one executive reportedly responded 'when the Red Cross wants to spend 3 million nuyen a month to give free power to a quarter million trogs, tuskers and every other form of scum, then they can fragging well lecture us on how to run a business."

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