Posted By: Effek (#1299)
Date/Time: Thu Dec 24 20:55:43 2009
Subject: Religious groups are now the targets!

Recently several acts of violence have been shunned towards religious and magical groups. The Children of the Dragon, an influential religious sect who follows a spirit called "The Great Dragon". Has been the recent target in these acts of violence. Many under speculation believe it to be part of the Draco Foundation and it's attempt to rid it's self of the religious group. Three dead and fourteen others were injured last night during a banquet held to preach about peace and the great dragon. No evidence of who attacked the group but investigation is under way.

Trans-Orbital, a A-level aerospace corporation is rumored to be joining Telestrian Industries. No other information has been learned.

Ergash 'Tuskface' Zani-heru today got off on a technicality, not to mention a lawyer who claimed prejudice, and a bribed judge. Ergash 'Tuskface' Zani-heru murdered three Lone Star Officers and raped one. Official and media were both outraged by the releasing of Ergash 'Tuskface' Zani-heru. But later tonight Ergash 'Tuskface' Zani-heru was found dead, among the others dead were three orks. Police have stated that an investigation is undergoing on Ergash 'Tuskface' Zani-heru murder and that rumors surfacing about local law enforcement taking part in the bloody shootout are clearly and completely false. More will develop on this story as we go.

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