Posted By: Effek (#1299)
Date/Time: Sun Dec 20 22:46:33 2009
Subject: Officials fear Human slavery is rising!

Officials fear rise of Human slavery is only getting worse in Denver. Over the past 5 months Law Enforcement says the amount of Human Slavery cases they have investigate has risen by 7%. Lone Star who has stated the rise of Organized crime is too blame, stating gangs have found an increase in profits by what they categorize as 'flesh'.

Just two days ago, a bloody scene of this crime was committed. 7 who lay dead in the warrens was a result of Human slavery. Among the incident 11 women were rescued and one dead. Police have stated that the know about of the rescuers were unknown. One women among them held captive was Selene Telestrian, daughter of Thom Telestrian working for Telestrian Corporations Inc. Official have questioned why Thom did not report his daughter missing, and is under investigation. Selene gave local law enforcements the description of the several rescuers. A thin very beautiful Elvin female, wearing the typical tank top and low rise jeans. A large troll, Mohawk, obvious signs that the Troll try's to look human. Torn jeans, brown and tan scarf and light tan shirt. A female human with short auburn hair. Black shirt with socks as gloves and a dwarf. Medium length brown hair, and goatee.

Official state 'we are trying our best, but growing number of concerns with other situations have also prevented us from improving our methods.' One official has also stated 'The growing numbers of gangs, and other organized families has made other less popular ways of illegal profit, more suitable. Do to the fact that most gangs see prostitution as a very profitable way of making money, other now see human slavery as a growing need for these gangs. Thus making it a very profitable business as well. But not to loose the fact that it is illegal, the numbers of missing or abductions has increased drastically. Abductions are not uncommon, especially in the Warrens sector'.

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