Posted By: Effek (#1299)
Date/Time: Sun Dec 20 21:22:33 2009
Subject: Wuxings gets fingers pointing!

Wuxings Max Hartmen, newly appointed official head of Wuxing computer engineering department has come under fire! Recent discovery of a shot aircraft belonging to Wuxing and Max Hartmen himself was found yesterday near Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Malmstrom official say quote 'the first large heat signature we detected was under suspicion, but after several hours a fairly similar heat signature appeared in the same spot. We took proper counter measures in investigating the heat signature picked up by our thermal imaging radar.'. Malmstrom official state 'we after investigation can and have confirmed the aircraft was not shot down by our forces nor did it come into our restricted air zone. We have not identified who or what did shoot down the aircraft but however! We have discovered the aircraft itself belongs to Wuxing, and explosives were initiated after the aircraft was shot down.'.

Official have stated they will no longer address the issue but Hartmen as of this morning has signed his retirement from Wuxing, after Malaysian Independent Bank came under fire being accused of 'funding Hartmen'. Wuxings President Wu-Lung Wei has refused to comment on the situation.

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