Posted By: Wyldfire (#169)
Date/Time: Thu Dec 10 01:30:16 2009
Subject: NASPEN Fundraiser Tomorrow Night

The First Annual Fundraiser for NASPEN, the North American Society for the Preservation of the Environment and Nature, is hosting an open fundraiser tomorrow evening at the Higher Altitude Club in the Yahama Building. Admission to the event, which includes an open bar and dinner, will be 2,000 =Y= per person. This is a black tie event.

A wide range of speakers from industry, the scientific community, and several other Environmental groups are scheduled for the event, including a keynote address by Dr. Adrian Cupertino, a renowned environmental scientist and an advocate of Free Market solutions for pressing environmental issues.

NASPEN formed recently to address some of the more pressing environmental concerns raised by certain Megacorporations. Unlike many environmental groups, however, NASPEN appears to have strong backing, and has already formed alliances with many of the megacorporations as well as Government agencies.

OOC: Contact Wyldfire with any questions. Planning on beginning at around 7:00 PM CST.

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