Posted By: Kassandra (#9777)
Date/Time: Fri Aug 14 16:11:12 2009
Subject: Gold in them thar hills!

Tecopa, California Free State(ish)

Business is booming in this little town on the border of CFS and the Ute Nation, and gold is the main form of trade.

To be sure other things are going well here: Tecopa has been steadily outfitting talismongers and daypackers for years now as they make the trek from the city's hot springs and out into the wilderness. However, in the last six months things have really heated up.

"It's every other week someone comes in with a huge nugget of gold that they've found," says Melvin Rodriguez, guide and owner of Lost Spring Outfitters, "and these chunks are gettin' bigger. The locals haven't seen or heard anything like this since the old gold rushes. An' they tell me that it is gettin' this way all up and down the place, from the Sierras on up."

Just the other side of the border in Mountain Springs, Ute Nation, things are not as good and the locals cannot understand it. John Rutting Buck of the Golden Boar Talismongerers tells us, "I don't get it. We are on the same veins, the same ground, the same everything as them and things are not picking up. Hell, I'd say they are even getting worse up and down the area. It's like the ground is just not giving up anything anymore. We're seeing a drop in all precious metals, and some of the native plants are dying off as well."

It has gotten enough attention that Nation leaders are trying to organize shaman to head over to the border to check things out, although in the words of one anonymous Councilman, "It's like trying to herd drunk cats."

Still, Gold Rush fever is sweeping the Southwest again. Good for California, and bad for the Ute Nation.

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