Posted By: Cassidy (#2908)
Date/Time: Fri Aug 14 14:54:22 2009
Subject: Apartment Bombing in The Warrens

Breaking News!

An African American reporter stands in the middle of the warrens, behind him there is the smoldering remains of a tenant building, in the background you can see dozens of trolls, orks and other men in athletic apparel assisting in moving debris and transporting the wounded.

"Hello, I'm Isaiah Carrey, and were standing here on the corner of Chambers Road and Quincy Avenue, where the night was shattered by an enormous explosion that brought this apartment building down in flames. But where was Lonestar? Where was the fire department? Nowhere to be seen." the reporter gestures to someone off screen, and a large italian man walks onto the view of the camera.

"There was one bright gem sparkling in this devastation, and that was the heroic efforts of The Bare Knuckle Gym, who immediately sent out legions of metahumans in an amazing display of brotherhood and community solidarity. Thanks to the members of this gym, there hasn't been a single reported casualty, and is nothing short of a miracle. I'm standing here with Gym owner Paulino Lucciano, better known to the world over as "The Pulse." Mr. Lucciano, can you tell me why your gym is single-handedly housing refugees at your gym, handling the clean-up effort, and tending the wounded as the city does nothing to help?"

Pulse looks at the reporter. "Because I care. This is my home- this is our home. Unlike the city, We don't care about dangerous neighborhoods: we don't see sec ratings. We see people. This community has given so much to me and my establishment: we want them to know that we're here for them, too." He smiles, touching Isaiah on the shoulder. "And remember: Creed goes down in two."

The reporter smiles and thanks Pulse, then slowly turns to his left, and sees that a tall asian male in a sombrero has gotten uncomfortably close, desperately trying to get into the picture. The reporter loses his composure and shoves him off camera and turns around, complaining loudly. "Aw! Whoda fuck iz dat?! Shit! I be dy'in in this mu'fucka, fuckin' nips in here gett'in up on mah grill, Man I can't see, goddamn smoke in mah eyes, rubble on mah suit. I swear Tucker sends me in this shit as a fav-AH so she be nev'ah havin' to deal with this bull—"

->Flash to a picture of a cartoon picture of a suited man laying face up with a bottle marked 'XXX' in his right hand, theres little birds and planets buzzing above his head, with the following caption:

"Were experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by."

«OOC Note: This is a plot that Thistledown is currently running for Pulse, It could become ongoing if interest is high, if anyone is interested, please @mail either of us for more information. All are welcome!»

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